Shared Check list

Create a Check or Shopping List in any web browser or Android app. Share it with anyone on internet. Cooperate in real time. For example do the shopping using one shopping list by more people in the different stores in the same time without buying the same items multiple times.

Doing shopping for somebody else? Get shopping lists without need to call them or visit them.

Point Zero

Step 1
Sign Up

If you have Google or Microsoft account, log into application directly using Sign in with buttons.

To create a new user account click on any button "Start for Free" and on Check Log In page click on button "Sign Up" and you will be redirected to Sign Up Page. There enter all required information including password.

E-mail address can be used as a user name, enter different user name for higher security.

An e-mail address must be verified by clicking on the link from the e-mail you will receive.

30 seconds later

Step 2
Create list

When you are logged in click on button "Add New List" and enter its name and click on button "OK".

Enter the name and description of new list item and click on button "OK".

To add more items click on button "Add New Item" and repeat the process above.

To edit an item name or description or to delete an item click on button "Edit" directly on item (or swipe left).

To Change status of item click on button "Check" directly on item (or swipe right).

10 seconds later

Step 3

When on selected check list click on button Share

Enter e-mail addresses of all people you want to invite. Use semicolon to enter next e-mail address and click on button "OK" to send an invitation.

Receivers of invitation will create their own free user accounts themselves if they do not have it yet.

Any time later

Step 4
Use It

Use it in any web browser or in Android App

After Log In you will see the list of all lists you were created or you were invated to.

Android App available in Google Play store